Joseph and Nannie Deihl

Submitted by: Edd Marks

Nannie Ethel Evans was  born 9 Jan 1886 in Midland City and died 6 Mar 1975 in Oconomowoc, WI.  The photo was taken by Kemp Photography of Clinton. Nannie was a music instructor at Eureka College.

Picture of Nannie Ethel Evans.
Nannie Ethel Evans at age 1 year.

Joseph D. Deihl was the son of Joseph and Laura Arbogast Deihl. He was  born in Kenney, Illinois,  21 Dec 1881 and died 25 Aug 1923 in Madison, WI. Joseph was the husband of Nannie Ethel Evans.  He became a professor at U of WI.

Picture of Joseph and nannie Deihl.
Nannie and Joseph at their wedding in 1906 -
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