Clinton High School Yearbook - 1910

ALLEN, Oscar Page 25 Photo
ALLEN, Otho William Page 26 Photo
BALES, Eva Page 27 Photo
CANTRELL, Alma Paun Page 28 Photo
COOLEY, May Bell Page 29 Photo
CRANG, Welby Nall Page 30 Photo
CROWE, Regina Winifred Page 31 Photo
CUMMINGS, Harold Lane Page 32 Photo
DEGAN, Helen Page 33 Photo
DICKERSON, Guy Leon Page 34 Photo
EDMISTON, Clyde Robert Page 35 Photo
GRAY, Ruth Eugenia Page 36 Photo
HANGER, Opha May Page 37 Photo
HICKMAN, Ella Thompson Page 38 Photo
INGHAM, Helen Page 39 Photo
KOEHLER, Lena Louise Page 40 Photo
LANE, French Lee Page 41 Photo
LEASURE, Carl Page 42 Photo
LUKER, William Page 43 Photo
MASON, Frank Bertram Page 44 Photo
MATHEWS, Ruby May Page 45 Photo
McCOID, Hazel Dell Page 46 Photo
ROBERTS, Bessie Anna Page 47 Photo
ROGERS, John D., Jr. Page 48 Photo
SMITH, Homer Jeffrey Page 49 Photo
STARR, Ethel May Page 50 Photo
TURLEY, Anna Marie Page 51 Photo
WADE, Fred Samuel Page 52 Photo
WASSON, Samuel Deane Page 53 Photo

In Memoriam - William R. FIELDS

William was injured in a high school football game and later died of peritonitis.
This yearbook belonged to William’s sister, Irene Fields, and was donated to
this website by Nancy Barrett.

Photograph of William R. Fields

William's obituary and family picture